Application for digitizing and recording field data in water supply and drainage systems

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Water losses in water supply systems - recording data on leaks and leak repairs in the field using mobile phones and SmartAqua app

Total digitalization of spatial data

Public companies generate and record data in a paper form (work orders, forms, notes...). They only partially transfer the data into digital form (excel tables, databases, GIS...), suitable for analysis, reporting and statistical processing.

SmartAqua provides an instant digitalization of data, immediately on the work site,
significantly improving efficiency and transparency of work processes and data availability.

Trying to deal with extensive water losses
in the water supply system?

SmartAqua accelerates registering water losses and organizing leak repairs

Water losses in water supply system - recording assets and leaks in sewer and drainage systems

SmartAqua is a new system of specialized mobile (iOS and Android) and web apps for data collection and processing in the field.

The system is specifically designed for companies managing and maintaining public water supply and drainage.

Forms for data collection are easy to use, enabling fieldworkers to enter and collect data without prior knowledge about technology.

Every data entry is automatically geolocated, and every fieldworker becomes a "sensor" in the field!

Collected data is accessible within a web browser in the web app functioning as a unique online database.

Access is enabled for everyone working on the project, and the level of access depends on the permissions assigned by the project owner.

Key Benefits

Data Collection - instant implementation

Instant implementation

Fast and simple implementation of the system without the need for an additional education

Collecting big data

Collecting "big data"

Easily collect a large amount of spatial information in water supply and drainage

Efficient collaboration - data collection app

Efficient collaboration

Efficient data sharing within the organization, and collaboration with external organizations

Faster work organization

Work organization

The basis for collaborating and connecting all business subjects involved in the process

Automatic data synchronization

Automatic synchronization

Newest information is obtained and displayed instantly

Defining tasks

Defining tasks

Optimization and uniformity of procedures as a tool in management of business process

Water supply and drainage infrastructure asset management

SmartAqua - mobile and web apps for digitally recording field data on water losses in water supply and drainage systems, and for organizing leak repairs

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